Backbone of Our Movement: Dani


RTBU, Women’s Advocate

How long have you been a union member?

Three years.

Why did you join the union?

I honestly didn’t know much about unions before I started in public transport. I joined initially because I knew that it would mean that I would have support if I needed it.

What’s your best memory/story about being in the union movement?

I went to my first RTBUWomen meeting in October 2018, and it lit a fire in my belly. Participating in the Anna Stewart Memorial Project has definitely been a highlight. The opportunity to see the inner workings of my union and others was educational and empowering. I definitely recommend it for women keen to be more involved in their union and networking with the union sisterhood.

Our union’s very public protected actions during our EBA negotiations were also quite the talking point in the last year. I love the energy of a vocal rally in the loading bay at Trades Hall!

What’s the most important issue facing the union movement today?

The increasing restrictions on union activities. The more our rights to organise and rally are limited, the more our rights as workers will be eroded.

On top of that, the current pandemic has really shone a light on the additional unpaid workload of women workers and the hidden gender pay gap created by insecure work. By strengthening the rights and conditions of our most vulnerable workers, we strengthen our union movement as a whole.

Why should people join their union?

Because we are stronger in numbers, workers supporting workers.