Backbone of Our Movement: Glen

HSR at the Australian Services Union (Vic-Tas)

How long have you been a union member?

All my working life.

Why did you join the union?

It’s how I was raised. Coming from a working- class family it’s the way it was.

What’s your best memory/story about being in the union movement?

The victories I’ve been involved in when we, the employees, were told NO, but we united to win what we were entitled to, & sometimes more.

What’s the most important issue facing the union movement today?

Relevance/survival. With only 12% of the workforce unionised it’s a very difficult time.

Why should people join their union?

In a society based on the relationship of class, the only way the great majority of us improve our lives is by acting collectively standing alone. You’d be silly not to join your union, but it is up to us members to constantly explain WHY and HOW.